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Anker Power Bank (10,000mAh, 22.5W) Black

Anker Power Bank (10,000mAh, 22.5W) Black

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About this item

  • Speedy 22.5W Charging: With 22.5W of PD charging capacity, fuel your iPhone 15 to 55% or a Galaxy S23 to 40% in just 30 minutes to keep you connected wherever you go.

  • 10,000mAh of Compact Power: With 10,000mAh at your disposal, this sleek power bank keeps your devices going without the bulk, offering 2 charges for an iPhone 15 or 1.8 charges for a Galaxy S23.

  • Charging Made Handy: Never forget your charging cable again with our innovative lanyard design that keeps power at your fingertips.

  • Pocket-Friendly Power: This ultra-compact power bank provides a substantial power supply in a tiny package, making it the ideal choice for busy lifestyles and tight spaces.

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