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Anker Eufy Clean X8 Pro Black SES

Anker Eufy Clean X8 Pro Black SES

  • Hair-Free Cleaning: X8 Pro's powerful 2× 4,000 Pa Twin-Turbine suction easily removes pet hair from deep within carpets, leaving them clean and hair-free.

  • Tangle-Free Cleaning: The patented Active Detangling Roller Brush detangles hair automatically. No more need to manually clean the roller brush yourself.

  • 45 Days* Hands-Free Cleaning: X8 Pro's Self-Empty Station features a 2.5 L bacteriostatic dust bag that securely seals pet hair and debris, for a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

  • Precise iPath Laser Navigation: With precise maps of your home, effectively track cleaning routes, avoid obstacles, and unlock a wider range of areas to clean.

  • Customizable AI.Map 2.0: AI creates accurate maps of your home, allowing for efficient cleaning of a wide range of areas to save you time and effort while always getting a thorough cleaning.

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